Wild Rose Cleanse Day 5

Did you wake up feeling a bit better today than you did the past few days? By day five the feeling of aches and pains should be completely gone or at least starting to decrease significantly! Have you been able to avoid any situations where tempting foods on the 'Not Recommended' list are present? If so, then good for you! It takes a lot of self control to break bad habits that you've had for a long time. Whether you're dreaming of lattes, sugar or breads just know that you're body is thanking you for giving it a break from these foods. You will be amazed over the next few days at how much energy you have! You might even realise how much you think being dependent on things such as coffee is just all in your head. With these yummy recipes today, you won't get the slightest urge to grab for that moist, warm, sweet, frosted piece of chocolate cake......*sigh*


Eggs with Hollandaise on Potato Latkes



Korean Seaweed Soup



Egg Fried Rice with Steamed Greens




This not only is Wild Rose approved but it's just plain darn tasty!  

For the potato latkes we used this recipe:




And for the hollandaise we used this:




We know for some this soup may look a little scary like taking a big ol' ladle of the sea and pouring it into a bowl.  But not only is it delicious but so nutritious so we really would like to share this recipe with you.

Not only does seaweed make a tasty soup, it's also super healthy for you! Its a great source of calcium, iodine, fibre, omega acids, vitamin B1 & B3, and low in calories! It has also been linked to metabolism regulation, blood purification, constipation relief, detoxification, anti-carcinogen, and anti-aging. On top of all this, lots of women rely on seaweed soup after giving birth to replace all the vitamins and minerals they've lost.

Here is a video on how we made the Korean Seaweed Soup!  And the website with the method and recipe.

We really enjoy our seaweed soup with some brown rice.  Simply drop a bowl of brown rice into the soup and stir!

We also substituted the cubed beef with ground beef and the soy sauce with Braggs.  






Fried rice is always better with rice that left in the fridge over night to dry out.  We used left over rice from the "Korean Sprout Rice" from the day before.

 We opted to omit the peas and substituted the vegetable oil with a healthier coconut oil.  

And for the greens any greens vegetable like the broccoli would be delicious.



Wild Rose Cleanse Day 4

Day four. Remind me again why I wanted to do this cleanse? This is probably something that you are thinking today. It is very common from days 2-4 to feel flu-like symptoms. Your entire body might have aches and pains, your headache has progressed and you might be feeling extremely low energy. This is all caused from your body ridding itself of toxins through your organs, which often causes aches and pains. It's this exact feeling that has caused many to quit. But this is all just proof that it's working! So don't give up when your body is reacting to something that you wanted it to! We promise that these will be the toughest days, but if you can get through them, you will feel much better! By day five people typically start to feel much more energized and lively. Happy Cleansing!



Oatmeal with coconut milk, blueberries, and hemp seeds



Korean Sprout Rice



Greek take-out



We loved this recipe.  We omitted the bananas which are not Wild Rose approved and added a sprinkling of help hearts and chia seeds.





We used this recipe for this dish.  But we opted to cook the meat separately so we could share it with our vegetarian lovelies!  We also chose to substitute the ground beef with steak cut into thin bite size pieces.





Another great option for dining out is Greek food during the Wild Rose.  We ordered the lamb souvlaki platter and requested no feta cheese on the salad and dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.  


Wild Rose Cleanse Day 3

Day 3. Okay day three! Some of you may be feeling more energized, you might feel lighter and you may be feeling overall happier! But the majority of you are probably not feeling this way. Today you might be feeling lethargic, tired, cranky, hungry and also you might have the worst headache of your life. This is all expected on day three. It will get better, we promise! Something that you may be curious about and not a lot of people talk about is the whole bathroom situation. You know exactly what we're talking about hehe. What the heck is going on with my bowels!? So basically what's happening internally is that toxins are being released from the body and are being flushed from your system. That's why we recommend you're drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. This will help tremendously with the process of cleaning out the toxins in your body. So why is this happening? Let's take a look at the pills we are taking..... does any of them sound like they may be the culprit? That's, right. Anything that sounds like Laxaherb is safe to assume it's behind your regular bathroom visits. As we mentioned before, this supplement is in charge of helping to clean the intestinal tract. So this is VERY normal for almost everyone who does the cleanse. However, if you are feeling like your bowel movements are over excessive, if you are starting to experience nausea or vomiting or any abdominal pain is present then we recommend you either cut back to taking one pill a day or eliminate it all together. It's super important that you listen to your body and respond to what it's telling you. Only you know your body better than anyone else. This cleanse will still work and be beneficial for you if you need to cut back on the Laxaherb. So don't give up! Happy Cleansing!



Zucchini pancakes









These pancakes are delicious for any meal of the day.  If you don't mind a savoury breakfast we like to drizzle some of the "topping sauce" that we keep on hand at all times that we used on the battered white fish recipe from Day 2 of the Cleanse.


We modified the recipe that we used by omitting coconut flour.  By omitting the flour it simply makes the pancake a little soggier but, hey, its still pretty darn tasty!



The reality is that during the 12 days you are probably going to end up eating out. One good option is going for sushi.  But don't forget to take your Braggs with you!  In the picture you will see that we have poured some from our giant bottle into a smaller one for meals on the go.

Also, here are some tips for ordering that might be helpful.  Some of you may not know that sushi rice contains rice wine vinegar.  Does this mean that all nigiri and rolls are forbidden.  Yes, unless you request that your nigiri or rolls be made out of regular rice.  Fussy.  Yes.  Happens once a year.  Yes.  So with a great big smile on your face and a thankful heart go ahead and make the request!


We used this recipe for the falafels:


For the tahini sauce we used this recipe:


Wild Rose Cleanse Day 1

Welcome to Day 1! Some of you may be excited, some of you may not be looking forward to the next eleven days and some of you might be a bit nervous. We are here to put your mind at ease by telling you that you can do it! We have full faith that you can get through the next twelve days and you will feel incredible after it's all over. First of all let's just touch on the different supplements that you will be taking. You will be taking two tablets from each bottle that come with the set and also 40 drops of the CL Herbal Extract twice a day. But what do all of these supplements do? Let's start with the Biliherb. This helps stimulate bile production by the liver, aids in the dissolution of gallstones and also decreases cholesterol buildup in the gallbladder. The Cleansherb rids muscles and the lymphatic system of toxic waste and also helps flush these wastes out of the body via the urinary system. The Laxaherb helps to cleanse the intestinal tract and lastly the Herbal Extract helps cleansing of the digestive tract. This all sounds like great stuff right?! Okay so now that you know a little about the supplements your taking let's move on to the FOOD! Your Herbal D-Tox kit will come with a meal guidebook. You will find that the food is listed into three different sections. Section one includes foods such as beef, fish, white rice, tofu and black coffee. Section two has foods such as almonds, brown rice or quinoa, popcorn and a variety of different fruit. Section three lists different vegetables, certain herbs and also most oils except peanut oil. On the diet you should eat 80% alkaline and neutral foods in your diet from section two and three of the guidebook and limit your intake of acid forming foods to 20% from section one. You can eat as much as your heart desires BUT you aren't allowed any food that's not on the list. So without further ado here are the recipes that helped us breeze through day one and we bet they will help you do the same! Happy Cleansing!




Korean style rolled omelette

Glutinous Millet cooked with onion stock



White bean soup



Curried rice with red lentils

Cauliflower and broccoli with cashews and sunflower seeds




Korean style rolled omelette is pretty easy to make once you get the hang of the method.  We've included a video for you to help you understand how to roll those tasty little things up!

For our breakfast we kept it simple and didn't use all the ingredients called for in the video.  Instead we opted to simply add in chopped spring onion into the egg mixture.  Such a simple combination but ever so delicious!



We used this recipe:


We substituted the boiling water with a stock made from HarvestSun's Organic Bouillon Cubes in Onion flavour.  This brand of bouillon does not contain yeast which is not allowed on the Wild Rose D-Tox.  Surprisingly, many stocks contain yeast.  Always read the labels!  

We also used a glutinous Millet that can be found at your local Korean grocer. Our favorite one here in Vancouver is Kim's Market on Broadway St.



We used this recipe:


But we opted not to use the food processor to chop the veggies and forego using the crockpot since we wanted a less "mushy" soup.  



The recipe used was:



To add on top of the curried rice we sautéed broccoli and cauliflower with cashews and sunflower seeds. We added them to a pan with water and butter and closed the lid until vegetables were tender.


*Honorable Mention: Thanks so much to Jeffrey for making this wonderful meal for us!

Wild Rose Cleanse Introduction


Oh Christmas! A time to give, a time to be with loved ones and a time to stuff your face with all the food you can eat. With all of the delicious, sugary and fatty food that goes around during the holiday season, we decided to do a bit of internal cleansing. You may have heard about the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. It's basically a complete multi-system detoxification of the colon and kidneys, acts on the gastro-intestinal system and urinary tract and also has an effect on the liver. There are many places that you can find this kit such as Whole Foods (West 4th Ave, Vancouver) Choices (West 16th Ave, Vancouver) as well as several other local natural health stores. There are so many reason why you should give this cleanse a try, whether it's to kick start a new lifestyle, break unwanted habits, or clear a congested system you could definitely benefit from it! However, the problem that most people face is what in the world are they going to eat while on this cleanse!? Well, we have decided to compile a list of some of our favorite recipes that are delicious and also follow the 'rules' of what you're allowed to eat. We promise that these will help you get through all twelve days, no problem! Happy Cleansing!