Wild Rose Cleanse Introduction


Oh Christmas! A time to give, a time to be with loved ones and a time to stuff your face with all the food you can eat. With all of the delicious, sugary and fatty food that goes around during the holiday season, we decided to do a bit of internal cleansing. You may have heard about the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. It's basically a complete multi-system detoxification of the colon and kidneys, acts on the gastro-intestinal system and urinary tract and also has an effect on the liver. There are many places that you can find this kit such as Whole Foods (West 4th Ave, Vancouver) Choices (West 16th Ave, Vancouver) as well as several other local natural health stores. There are so many reason why you should give this cleanse a try, whether it's to kick start a new lifestyle, break unwanted habits, or clear a congested system you could definitely benefit from it! However, the problem that most people face is what in the world are they going to eat while on this cleanse!? Well, we have decided to compile a list of some of our favorite recipes that are delicious and also follow the 'rules' of what you're allowed to eat. We promise that these will help you get through all twelve days, no problem! Happy Cleansing!